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There was, in 1995, a time when GSM was really in its infancy, text messaging was yet to explode on the mass market, there were just 13 million GSM customers across a handful of countries and the first Indian GSM network was about to go live.

In the time that has since passed, the mobile industry has changed the way in which more than a billion people communicate, and the industry that serves them has changed beyond recognition.

From the arrival of camera phones and video-phones to wireless PDAs, and hi-speed mobile multimedia services for messaging, entertainment, information and productivity, the sheer volume, value and variety of mobile services and products available today is staggering.

Just as staggering is the fact that you can travel to more than 200 countries and territories around the world and, in a matter of seconds, be connected to a mobile voice/data network.

The phenomenal geographic, technical and commercial sphere of our business has enabled the development of a unique mobile eco-system, enveloping the fixed, IT, content and mobile worlds. It has brought together previously diverse industries to cooperate, partner and compete for a share of this exciting business.

WiCoRe currently straddles the Mobile Value Chain as outlined above. Straddling this space, WiCoRe offers its expertise in developing superior services, solutions and software to various verticals and industries. Software that empowers mobile operators, service providers and enterprises to gain competitive advantages and to open new revenue streams by introducing leading mobile technologies and new mobile business models.

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