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Enterprise Solutions
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Enterprise Solutions

Designed with evolution in mind, the WiCoRe mSFA suite supports continuous improvements, advancing your business capabilities as the market and opportunities demand. This is accomplished by including all of the necessary components to implement and deliver sophisticated mobile solutions that are integrated directly to back-office and front-office systems. At the same time, the platform provides sophisticated reporting and usage mechanisms creating operational efficiencies for your information technology organization and improving its agility and alignment with your business' operating needs.

The WiCoRe mSFA suite not only has the capabilities you need to achieve the results you expect from your improved processes, it is actually built to help you incrementally enhance your operations at an accelerated pace.

As a result of extending the business process to the field companies can:
  • Improve the productivity and effectiveness of field resources.
  • Increase revenue by extending the reach of critical business processes and corporate information to the point of action.
  • Deliver anytime, anywhere access to relevant information for timely, accurate data collection and decision making.
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