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Telecom Infrastructure
Platforms & VAS
Enterprise Solutions

WiCoRe offers a product portfolio that spans all its 3 Business Divisions - Telecom Infrastructure, Value Added Services & Enterprise Solutions

For all its products WiCoRe provides its customers unbeatable value as it supports them with testing, life-cycle maintenance and support services at a fraction of the cost of other global suppliers.

Most of WiCoRe's products are built on open technologies, that doesn’t lock developers and customers in proprietary solutions

All WiCoRe products are:

- Compliant to Open Standards
- Interoperability Tested
- Platform independent (except for SITV)
- Open to Flexible Charging Models, hence Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
- Cost Effective

For its varied products, WiCoRe's customers range from Mobile Device Manufacturers and Mobile Operators to Television Companies and various other Corporate Houses, etc.

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