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Desktop Messenger is a Windows based PC application, by which user can feasibly send SMS Messages to Mobile phones.

Desktop Messenger provides mobile messaging tools which empower you to market your business and communicate directly to targeted customers.

Desktop Messenger offers end to end business solution and real-time mobile messaging from Personal Computer to mobile customers. You can send SMS directly from your desktop. This saves you logging onto the website every time you want to send a message - Just simply load up Desktop Messenger, type in your message, Mobile number and send!

Desktop Messenger gives you the functionality of sending Bulk SMS to the customers. Our Messenger application lets you take advantage of Bulk SMS tool designed to facilitate fast and effective SMS messaging at an instant.

Simple installation and usage. extremely reliable and compatible with all Windows operating systems. This small yet powerful application will streamline SMS communication for you, and your business.

Desktop Messenger offers many of the features that you would expect from a corporate product.
  • Send instant messages to any of your mobile contacts.
  • Full address book functionality.
  • User can maintain a list of contact details.
  • Create an exclusive group of friends, recipients.
  • User can Import contact details from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Can export the contact details to local system.
  • User can send messages to groups and contacts at an instant.
  • Can view the status of the message by means of delivery reports and message reports.
  • Sending alerts to the recipients on a specified date is made easy by this application.
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