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Service Delivery Platform

SDP (Service Delivery Platform) is middleware product that aggregates, stores, manages and delivers content primarily over SMS to wireless devices. It facilitates easier connectivity and management of mobile network connections and a single point interface for managing multiple applications.

Its main features include
  • GUI based network connection starting, resumption, configuration of parameters, number of instances and application configuration
  • Load Balancing among mobile networks - Distribution of traffic across Networks for large SMS volumes
  • Anywhere apps: provides ODBC/JDBC, TCP/IP or MQ’s for retrieval and dumping
  • Inter-Network Gateway features of multi protocol ESME connection. Essentially means connectivity to various SMSC vendors using SMPP, CIMD2, SEMA, etc
  • Application Accessibility Control – restrict application access based on network
  • Applications can be on any OS/Platform.
  • Alphanumeric ‘From’ address
  • Facility for Clustered Architecture to handle increased volume
  • Scalable Application Deployment Architecture to increased load handling and multiple applications.

Using the SDP provides for easier creation and deployment of SMS based applications. ‘Plug and play of applications’ can be made possible. Applications or services that the mobile user can access can be created immediately. Since services can be created instantaneously, it minimizes the time, cost and saves on custom development needed to integrate with diverse existing applications built on different environments.

WiCoRe also provides for a complete hosted, networked and ready to start end to end solution - From SMS receipt & management to transfer to sending response to billing.

It also provides for Real-time application monitoring for control.

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