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iShop: Flash Lite–Enabled Comparison Shopping to Go

... from your mobile phone while you shop at your local store. Requirements. To follow along and experience iShop as described in this article, you can walk through ...

Deconstructing the Floogle SMS Application

... Floogle SMS extends the Google SMS service with a Macromedia Flash Lite front end. You can use Google SMS to send all sorts of queries to Google services from your mobile phone. ...

GSM - The Wireless Evolution

The Wireless Evolution is achieved through the GSM family of wireless technology platforms - today's GSM, GPRS, EDGE & 3GSM. GSM is a standard that embraces all areas of technology, resulting in global, seamless wireless services for all its customers. It's all part of the Wireless Evolution.....


i-mode is Japanese mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo's proprietary 2G/3G mobile Internet platform. i-mode is Japan’s first and largest data service for mobile phone users......

Where Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology fits in ?

....such as wireless email, web, digital picture taking/sending, assisted-GPS position location applications, video and audio streaming and TV broadcasting - and wireless networks are doing much more than just a few years ago....

Why Do CDMA Subscribers Need The R-UIM?
By Pura Font, Gemplus Corporation, March 10, 2004

Articles on Bluetooth and information

Articles on Bluetooth:. Bluetooth feature brings about lawsuit by Verizon customers ... Bluetooth infection spreads at Helsinki World Championship ...

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